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Old 04-04-2014, 04:28 PM
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Question Help for an interview

I am new in this Country and had my last interview for hiring 15 years ago.
I studied nursing in Germany, where I am still holding a license.
Working the last 14 years as a pharmaceutical representative, i did just some voluntary nursing work for the German red cross.
7 years ago I started to become a nurse in US, I have done all the paper work, English learning, etc, finally I was permitted to do the NCLEX in 2007 in Germany. I passed and just needed a Social Sec. No. to get my RN license.
Now it took another couple of years, but finally my husband and I got a visa for the US and I received my license.
Once here, I applied to some part time jobs, and I am invited to an interview about a home health care and surgical stuff position at a big community health care center.
I am very excited, but also a little bit confused! Any advise is helpful. I really want to go back to nursing, I am learning very quickly and proud to be a RN. What to wear, what to say?
I f you need further information, please ask. You also may send me an email, if you want to! Thank you!!
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