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Old 04-18-2014, 03:07 PM
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Default Doctor's attitude towards nurses

Hello fellow nurses. I need opinion from this community on how to handle the situation that transpired today April 16, 2014 involving an in-house physician. I am a RN full-time 7AM-3:30PM shift in a rehab unit of a long-term care facility for 14 months now. In the nurse station while I was transcribing an order, I heard a familiar voice (with Indian accent) and said in a strong tone of voice, “Hey you two, look at me!”, referring to me and a per-diem LPN who was transcribing orders into the MAR. This lady doctor holding a patient's chart for us to see and said, “When you see the physician order sheet is full, put a new one in the chart!.” A podiatrist standing in the other side of nurse station was present and I noticed him with a blank stare towards the in-house doctor. What bothers me is that I felt treated like a child the way she addressed me and the LPN and not as professionals. In addition, the POS is a piece of paper that is available in the doctor's office where she's currently doing her work. How hard is it to write the patient's name and put this paper into the patient's binder? The unit manager of the rehab unit was in his office which is next to the nurse station and heard about the doctor's demand. After the incident and the doctor went back to the office and shut the door, the Unit Manager came to us and said he felt sorry for us and told us a story of similar situation with another doctor. I wish this unit manager could have said something to the doctor.

Nurses in this facility are hesitant to approach this doctor or even ask other nurses about the doctor's mood before approaching her with lab reports or to consult about a patient. Sometimes she puts a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door of the doctor's office which is located in the rehab unit. Most of the times I receive calls from nurses in the long-term care units inquiring if this doctor is busy or what is her mood like.

I feel this incident and the doctor's attitude towards nurses need to be addressed. Should I talk to the doctor in private about the incident? What do I say to her? Or should I bring instead this incident to the attention of the DON and/or Nurse Administrator? What do I say to the DON or Nurse Administrator? Your suggestion and opinion r/t this matter is appreciated.
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