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Default In need for help!

Hello nurses,

I am from the Netherlands. I will do my best to write my question down as clear as I can but it is hard for me to do it in English, especially to make it sound decent and friendly. So if I sound rude, I am sorry for that.

I'm a nursing student and I am writing a casestudy. The subject of it is about handing over information to other teammembers. I am trying to find some articles about this subject but I don't know how to translate the Dutch word 'rapporteren' to an English word. 'Rapporteren' means: writing down information about a patient in the patients' dossier. How do you say this in English, is there a specific word for it? I thought about 'to report' but when I put this in PubMed there won't pop up an article.

I hope someone can help me. When someone has more information about this subject or knows about articles/essays/researches about the importance of 'rapporteren', please let me know!

Thank you very much,
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