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Default Thinking of Nursing or a medical field?

I been thinking for ... many years of going into Nursing or getting some additional education in a medical field just to broaden my skill set.

..My background is I got a degree in Computers, a Masters in Teaching, and went to trucking school and got a CDL and worked as a truck driver for a little bit.

My mother is a retired nurse, got her masters in Nursing. She actually talked me out of it years ago for many reasons. One her concern was my grades. My undergrad GPA was only 3.3, but when I went back and got my masters and teaching license my gpa in Grad school was a 4.0. Her concern was getting into nursing school and that if I didn't get straight A's in all prerequisites forget it.

I want to add something that is going to lead to more job options... I already took the GMAT and scored well enough for several local colleges to accept me into an MBA program, but I know a lot of MBA grads in low wage jobs... and it costs a fortune.

I thought about maybe Mortician... not as tough as Nursing school, easier to get in, lot of jobs out there... but demand not as high as nursing.

I also thought about Medical Coding or Medical IT... but again from what I read online wages not as good as in nursing and not as many jobs out there as there are in nursing.

My other concern with nursing ... is I worked at a hospital for 5 years and knew a few Male Nurses, but um they were gay. A couple were married to another man and would get kissed and picked up by their male partner after work. Um I am married to my wife and a straight male... so I am not sure how well being a straight male would play out in that environment.

So far between the Teaching, Computers and Truck Driving I get the most job offers for trucking jobs, but my wife doesn't want that. Get calls on my phone and emails every week for trucking jobs which wife gets ticked off about so thats not an option.

Thoughts about nursing or a medical field I could go into that would broaden my job options?
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