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Old 02-08-2008, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Ms.Nurse123 View Post
...and BAM now I have no job. I am very disappointed and angry right now

I am truly sorry for your troubles.

You have an opportuntity now to begin again. As you are aware, often the only thing we can change about a situation is our approach to it. I wish you well as you seek new employment and as you seek to become the best CNA you can possibly be.

I suspect there are many in this forum who are willing to share their own stories of what they learned from personal mistakes, from injustices, and/or from unfortunate employment placement.

I shall be the first: my transition from ambulance nursing to floor nursing was difficult. I missed the excitement of emergency medicine in the field. I missed the emotional intimacy with my partners. I missed the culture. I was scared and bored and lonely - and it showed.

My preceptor intrepreted this as lack of respect toward him and the unit. He began to act in a most unprofessional manner. Finally, within minutes of the beginning of a shift, he flew into a very public rage. So what did I do? I quit talking to him. I felt so sorry for myself. Later that night, while we were at dinner with a number of other nurses, he attacked me verbally. As he was going on and on about my behavior and about undermining his authority it suddenly occured to me: I had brought this on myself.

I waited for him to stop talking. Then I said, "I am sorry. Please forgive me. I did not mean to upset you. I should have said this earlier, but I did not know how. I am scared. I need this job, but it is so unlike anything I have ever done. I know how to work in an ambulance, but I do not know how to work here. If you want to stop being my preceptor, I will understand. But I hope you will keep me. I could learn a lot from you. I am very sorry."

My preceptor sat in shocked silence. The other nurses looked at me, at him, and at me again. Then he said, "OK."

I was given a different preceptor the next week. She and I got along very well in part because she knew what had happened (the entire unit knew what had happened) and in part because I had become teachable.

I hope this true story from my distant past is helpful to you.

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Old 02-10-2008, 04:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Ms.Nurse123 View Post
Actually, this LPN has a reputation for picking on people. The minute you are employed and on the floor other CNAs let you know who to look out for and she is often that LPN that you have to be careful around.
Obviously not so. If all of you were to complain then I'm sure something would have to be done. It can't look good for the facilities books if they are going through a new CNA every 90 days.

Originally Posted by Ms.Nurse123 View Post
A lot of people notice when someone is being picked on, but they simply will turn the other cheek because they are glad that it's not them! And can you blame them? They have mouths to feed and want to keep their job.
Yes I can blame them, they are part of the problem. You are supposed to be a team!

I doubt you will have much luck with the unfair dismissal claim as this is what the 90 days are for, and they will just say they the found you not appropriate for the job. But I think that you deserve a meeting with them and be told face to face why you are not getting any more shifts, and this should be done by the manager of the place, not by one of the RNs which is on the shift. When you contact them, ask for the reasons to be in writing as you would like to address them before going for another job (this will put the pressure on them to have some good reasons) and if they are coming say things that you don't agree with raise your concerns. You should also be able to bring someone in with you for the 'exit interview'. If you are part of the union it could be a representative, otherwise it could be a nurse from the facility who you are friends with, or depending on how young you are and how knowledgeable you parents are it could be one of them (only works if they are managers in other companies and have experience hiring and firing people; but be careful of this option as they are there to mainly to observe and only but in when they see a misjustice)
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Old 02-21-2008, 07:21 PM
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This kind of stuff drives me crazy. If these nurses have enough time to pick on others, put water in diapers and the CNAs have enough time to be bickering with the LPNs then somebody has got too much time on their hands. Where is the Nurse Supervisor?

All of this sort of thing takes away from PATIENT CARE. It is the patients that suffer when nurses are too busy stabbing each other in the back to do their jobs effectively. If patient care came first--they should all realize that everyone is there for a common purpose--that is to provide care to the patients.

I suppose if I were DON of this facility I would be working a few of these shifts. The nurses would not like that so they would either shape up or ship on out.

Usually in nursing facilties there is a steady staff--75% of staff in a good home with patient care as a priority--75% are there and like their jobs and intend to stay. The other 25% is a revolving door. It is because of one reason--nursing is not for everyone. It takes a specail compassionate caring individual to do what we do everyday. We have to be there for one reason--to care for the residents/patients. Anything else is a hinderance.

We had a problem one time with some LPNS and CNAs bringing their personal problems to work--it flowed over into fussing and bickering amongst themselves. So we put a garbage can at the time clock and a sign on it that said--leave you problems here.

The resident's are priority one.
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