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Julie 03-20-2008 04:23 PM

A question to all who visit but don't generally post!
I am intrigued that lots of people either join up but never post or else visit and don;t join.

I would love to know why that is and perhaps what people would like to say or ask but don't actually do it.

So this is my challenge. If you are one of those people, either be brave and post something, or else send me a private message and I will post on your behalf.

Why? Well for a few days now, I have looked in and found nothing new going on and I want things to liven up slightly.


Polaris 03-20-2008 05:22 PM

I visit frequently but don't post much only because someone has either already said what I thought or I don't have much of an opinion on the issue. But I come here almost daily and check for new posts.

I'll have to make more of an effort to post and get to know y'all.

geenaRN 03-20-2008 11:18 PM

Anyone else? I've also been curious about this; thanks Julie for posting :)

LesleyJoy 03-21-2008 02:42 AM


In my experience, it is not at all unusual for many more people to read than to post to a bulletin board. From my own very limited research, the reasons for remaining on the sidelines varies with the person. Some derive satisfaction from simply reading the threads. The pleasure is akin to that of sitting in front of a television. Others find the threads of interest, but do not feel the need to interject their own opinion(s). Still others feel unable to adequately express themselves in writing, feel uncomfortable in an asynchronous environment, or are hesistant about their welcome.

I enjoy reading Nursing Voices. I also enjoy another bulletin board in which I have been a participant for almost four years. I check each bulletin board for new posts almost every day. I do not post to every thread, however. Sometimes I have nothing to say. And I have learned the hard way that I would rather be thought a fool than to open my mouth and remove all doubt! :rolleyes:

Good thread!


Nurse Stella 03-21-2008 08:15 AM

I sometimes wake up in the early morning hours and come here to read what others have to say and find comfort and support. But I'm too half asleep to say anything that would make sense! Plus, in addition to the usual work and home obligations, my elderly mother lives with us and I care for her. Time on line is scarce. But I do enjoy this forum, and will post more when I can!:curtsey:

aka Nurse Stella

Marachne 03-21-2008 02:06 PM

Julie, I don't meet your demographic ;) but I have to say you did a good job of getting people talking again!

I think there is a natural waxing and waning of posts. I saw that traffic was down and tried to think of a tread to start(other than my self-congratulatory one), but came up blank. I'm way behind on posting on my blog too, so who knows -- spring fever? (in those places where spring is actually showing signs of arriving -- apologies to the antipodes) March madness? (for the U.S. college basketball fans), getting ready for easter/spring break? phase of the moon? who knows!

Julie 03-21-2008 05:31 PM

Thanks for the replies so far. I also visit other forums and rarely / never post, but just wondered what made people post or not here. I call in several times a day and usually see a few 'guests' and sometimes other members. I often don't post for a few days as I don't always have anything to say and don't like to comment for the sake of it. Looks like I have succeeded in getting a response, but I would still like to hear from people who visit but don't post and would be happy to post on your behalf through a private message if you would prefer.

There is something about the time of year here too Marachne, perhaps with the coming of spring we can inject some new life?

angelbev 03-23-2008 12:29 PM

plus sometimes the topics are just ones that I won;t post about on a public forum. Anything you post here is searchable by your name on the web. So it is worthwhile to be careful when expressing an opinion.

Plus sometimes the opinions already expressed in the thread seem so foreign to me, that responding would just create conflict and I'd rather not go there.

Polaris 03-23-2008 05:58 PM

Conflict can be good though - as long as it is managed in a professional way. I love to have professional debates with nurses who feel/believe/practice differently than I do. Why? Because learning from each other is the only way we can expand our horizons.

I've had debates where it completely changed the way I think/practice adn I've had debates where I still thought my ideal was the correct one, but both kinds stimulate my brain and always affect who I am as a person and a nurse.

I would rather hear from people who disagree with my thinking than who always shake their head yes, ya know?

Please jump in with those differing opinions!

Julie 03-23-2008 06:20 PM

I completely agree. Often there is no right or wrong way, just different people's opinions. As for being able to search and find your opinions and have them found. so long as you haven't posted your full name and address right here on the forum there is nothing to worry about.

Thanks for being so honest Angelbev, I hope you will continue to share your opinions, because it is only if people do that we get an active interesting debate.

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