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Old 03-03-2009, 12:33 PM
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Wink More than meets the eye

Even within the RN scope there are some differing delegations-though it doesn't really effect the work you do.
In Canada the majority of RN's being trained now are BScN-meaning they went to university and got their Nursing degree. They got rid of hospital diploma programs a while back but are slowly realizing that having a university only program available severly limits the amount of nurses coming out and being able to work. Hopefully they'll bring back the hospital based diploma program but its a shot in the dark at the moment I think.

As I understand it in the States you can go a couple of routes to becoming an RN, the University way (BScN) which seems to be preferred as you have a wider choice of options without doing huge amounts of upgrading (unless you want to), the ADN (Associates degree)-which seems more limited scope and then diploma nursing (though I'm not sure this is still an active realm of nursing just like in Canada)
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