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Default fan and other locations if there is debris, water tanks, air conditioning condensers

fan and other locations if there is debris, water tanks, air conditioning condensers are covered with dust. If there is, should be cleaned or replaced. 6, check the "visceral. " You can open the engine hatch, check the oil, the direction of oil, brake fluid and coolant level; start the engine and listen for any obvious noises. 7, check the carpet. For the use of plastic closures vehicle body wall hole, where flooding, wading, etc. , must be dry cleaned to prevent mildew and odors inside the vehicle. 8 Finally, do not forget to wash your car shuttles cool, comfortable bath. Source: WCC Precautions holiday travel Long ride to many activities If you go a long car ride, to moderately open windows to keep the car fresh air, so people would not have headaches, dizziness and discomfort. Second, do not always sit when traveling, you should often change position, or stop for a while Or raise the lower limbs sit for a while, it can be hand carried down from the lower extremities massage, to help blood return, to Zaitoon Ramadan umrah vaccination and accommodation agent in 2020 prevent Zaitoon offers exceptional cheap Umrah For families in Londontraveler edema. For motion sickness, in half an hour before driving, you should take motion sickness pills. In the process of traveling to minimize head movement can be head against the seat back, eyes closed, to avoid looking out the window of a moving subject. Once nausea, vomiting, cold sweat, when the pale and other symptoms, you should sit with a cold towel on his forehead. Fear trauma away from home Away from home, due to fatigue, environmental changes and other reasons prone body injury. Li Jib Shu Tan Hospital, director of orthopedic remind everyone prone situations. 1. Femoral neck fractures: especially prone to older people. If the injured should not continue loading, film examination must go to the hospital immediately. 2. Wrist fractures: mostly in the stumble, stays with the palm of the time due to slipping instinctively. After injury, the patient will feel severe pain in the injured wrist, and some may feel the bone chips in mobile. After the injured to the nearest flat board or find a book that will lift your wrist to avoid repeatedly swinging wrist. Do
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