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Default Just wanted to share an important story

I am a nephrology med-surge night shift nurse who has only been working a year and a half. I am a night shift nurse and I want to say that day shift nurses suffer different problems and scenarios than night shift does. I knew immediately right out of high school that I wanted to help people and decided nursing was the career path for me. I would never change my profession for any money in the world.

The other day I had a patient return to my floor that was on my floor a month before. Come to find out the patient deteriorated and was transferred to a higher level of care. Over the next month, little did I know the patient and their family were taken to many different levels of care within our facility. I was so excited to take care of a familiar face as well as a patient and family who really appreciated everything we as nurses do to care for them. This patient looked worse than when they had originally came in. But to see the smile on their face as well as their families’ face when they realized I had cared for them before gave me a great sense of pride in my abilities as a nurse. I work as a nurse who specializes in nephrology and this particular patient had kidneys that were not performing to their best of their abilities so the patient ended up on our floor with a trialysis catheter and was fairly new to hemodialysis. I noticed the patient’s skin had progressively become worse over the past month they had been with us and I didn’t want to put the blame on anyone other than the healthcare system we have today.

Nurses in my hospital care for 6 patients at a time and to take the time to deliver quality direct patient care to every single one of our patients is unheard of. But, on the other hand, it absolutely broke my heart to see this young patient with so much skin breakdown that could have been simply prevented if the nurses and certified nursing assistants worked together. Simple things such as: giving daily baths; turning every 2 hours; zinc spray; p500 beds could have prevented so much discomfort to this patient. We can only prevent it if we take time out of our day to make an effort. I was so distraught over seeing this patient this way that I took time out of my busy schedule, with the assistance of my aid and a preceptor, to teach a little lesson that day. Compassion and hard work can make a difference. We spent the next hour giving the patient a bed bath, soaking the problematic caked on areas, and applying much needed lotion all over the patient’s body. The patient’s smile and his family member’s smile was all I needed that night. A bed bath at 0300 am is not the worst thing I’ve done at my job. If I can make a difference in the patient’s life and his family’s life then I will do everything in my power to do that.

From this experience on out I will vow to advocate for my patients as well as their families. This family member did not know the condition of their family members skin and was surprised when I showed them the damage. I educated the family of the importance of daily baths, turning every 2 hours, and daily skin care maintenance. The family was so appreciative but all I cared about was the smile on the patients face. A happy patient and happy family make for a great shift and an awesome job as a nurse. The little things matter and we must never forget that in this profession. How would you like your family members to be treated in a time of need?
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Default Just wanted to share an important story

Speed bumps and angled driveways will become your worst nightmare. Just get used to the horrible noises as you bottom out and you will be fine.

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