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Old 06-11-2008, 10:27 PM
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Cool Now its time

In this time of exams for Australian Nursing students.

The head nurse was nearing retirement - she had seen just about everything come through the hospital's labor and delivery unit and always remained calm and unruffled. One night, a sixteen-year-old was in labor and having a lot of pain, writhing on the bed, fighting her contractions, swearing and refusing to consider epidural analgesia. Streams of obscenities erupted from her room and the girl yelled "F***!, F***!, F***!", right into the nurse's face. With absolute calm, the nurse patted the girl's arm and said, "Now you've already done that part. It's time to have the baby."

And remember that you can't have 'studying' without 'student' and 'dying'
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Old 06-19-2008, 08:01 PM
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Oh my God!!!! I love that....and I'm going to use it the next time a young one is dropping the f-bomb because we have to do a pelvic examination because of "drainage." I wonder if I can respond by saying....... You already did the "f" part, now it's time to see if the "f" part lead into the drip part.
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