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Old 06-17-2011, 08:22 PM
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Default Censuring of posts by (or any other site)

I posted the following message on because I encountered this problem this week and it has had a VERY negative impact on my ability to be a successful travel nurse since Kaiser and American Mobile are such giant companies. I was unaware someone could be "blacklisted" in such a manner and wanted to warn other travelers to watch out for this. However, felt I had "an agenda" and deleted my posts. Please see what I wrote below and judge for yourself. They say I have an agenda, but mine was an honest interest in helping others avoid the GIANT mistake I made unwittingly. I wonder what agenda has in protecting Kaiser and American Mobile's reputations? All I did was search to see if this type of info was already on the forums. When I didn't find it, I just posted to RELEVANT threads that involved travelers, interviews with Kaiser (specifically) and the American Mobile-Kaiser connection - and no other threads. What do you think? I am being a bit petty now that banned me for life over this, but my original post was meant to inform others of a potentially career altering problem. Now I have a lifetime ban at TWO organizations. I am on a roll this week.

My advice is to stay away from Kaiser. I am a relatively new traveler (only one previous assignment, but not a new nurse) and my (former) agency gave "verbal acceptance" to a Kaiser Downey (CA) job before I was truly ready to accept. I was having housing issues that didn't pan out and had to decline the job. Even though Kaiser had nothing in writing from myself or the agency, they are "upset" and have blacklisted me. As a result, I cannot be hired by any Kaiser facility OR any American Mobile Facility. They are indeed connected. Stay away from both as if your life depended on it - because your professional life may very well depend on it. They are incredibly political and petty.

Additionally, their pre-orientation process is the most lengthy, redundant and ridiculous thing I have ever done, and they don't pay you (as a traveler) for it.

Dear daeanaira,

You have received a warning at allnurses: A Nursing Community for Nurses.

Spamming the forums to further an agenda

Dear member,

We have deleted all of your posts about Kaiser. You have been digging up years-old threads and posting in off-topic forums, your duplicate posts. This is against the TOS and is viewed as spam. It is obvious you have an agenda with which does not wish to be aligned.

All the best,
allnurses: A Nursing Community for Nurses

Regarding all the posts I posted regarding Kaiser that you deleted:

I absolutely do have an agenda - that agenda is to inform other nurses of a serious problem that they may encounter if they work with a Kaiser facility. I am not doing it for vengeance. I looked other places on your site and did not find where people had posted about the VERY RELEVANT topic, so I chose to warn people myself.

Also, if you check, you will see that I received messages in response to my posts, despite the threads being older (which I honestly did not notice when I did the search for Kaiser information). If you have a problem with people responding to older threads, then you should close them.

I think you are doing a disservice to your readers by choosing the content they read for them. I used no foul or hateful language. And I stated the facts of a problem that happened to me this very week. Your censuring is not appreciated, and I will now be using the power of free speech to complain about YOU on other nursing forums.

All the best-
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