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Default MSN vs. BSN as entry-level nursing PART 4

(part 4)


With health care evolving rapidly the nursing role in the future is going to advance. Nurses already take more independent role providing care for patients in different care settings by using high critical skills to make complex decisions while providing safe and high quality care. Nursing role is going to progress from direct patient care to the higher level of the primary health care provider and coordinating management of care for the given patients, while still striving to achieve holistic approach for patients and their families. New opportunities for MSN graduates include such independent roles as educators, researchers, clinical nursing leaders, advanced clinical nurses, nursing practitioners in mental health, midwives, family and pediatric nurse practitioners.

The future demands for nursing profession regarding this innovation will require changing in the entry education level toward to graduate level. However, the legislation at the state level must change in order to make it happen. Present shortage of higher educated nurses needs to be address through financial mechanisms involving reimbursement for higher degree from varies sources, motivating nurses to obtain higher education.


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