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Old 01-13-2008, 04:08 AM
Mr Ian
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Thanks Kim & MOW. Oddly enough tho I never got promoted past staff nurse grade while he was consultant. I liked him tho; apart from when he changed my clinical nursing assessment report cos he didn't agree with it. Tore a shred off him them for that one.

The next consultant.... well...
Pt was detained on remand as an in-pt and had to appear in court. The courts messed up and sent him back technically with no detention orders (bailed at large), which was not the intention. We had to ensure the legal detention was in place. So my Charge Nurse set about doing that thru the medics.
However, I discussed with CN that, as nurses, we mustn't forget to advocate for the patient. Seeing the legal/professional (read 'litigation') sense in this, I agreed to isolate out from the team and simply advocate for the pt. I spoke with his legal brief, who approved my role, and also with the Social Worker who came to assess him. I sat in as observer on the assessment.
The Social Worker, on her own assessment, wouldn't detain him - as he wasn't actively mad anymore. The consultant wasn't happy, and sent for another opinion - a dr mate of course. I wasn't allowed into the assessment this time - which resulted in him being emergency detained (for which he technically did not meet the criteria). The Consultant later caught me and asked if I was a team player or not. I told him, of course I was, but it wasn't just *his* team. I explained the 'advocacy' issue (and the litigation side) and he mumbled off.
As it happens, I agreed that the guy needed to stay to get his accommodation and follow-up sorted before discharge which took a couple more weeks. I wasn't against the 'plan' at all; but when the system screws up - I'm not going down with it and neither will my patients.

Lucky I'd had my promotion before then - but I didn't get another one after that either. oops.
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