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Old 11-02-2013, 04:23 AM
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Default Need help choosing which school is best

Let me start by saying I'm located in Florida near the Tampa Bay Area. I am going to a Community college for engineering however it's taking to long as I can only afford to take 1 or 2 class's at a time and have only built up 20 or so credits over the last 2 years so I've decided I want to change my major to something I can go to a technical school for and earn my degree much faster thanks to taking more class's at a time thanks to loans which I am unable to get while going to a Community college and for a number of reasons have decided nursing is the right path. How ever I want to make sure that I don't waist more precious time and chose the right school to go to. I know I want my RN as that's the most recognized nursing degree there is and can earn a lot more/ find employment much easier this way. How ever how do you know which schools offer an acceptable degree as to be excepted most any where? Around here there are a number of these schools that clam to earn a nursing degree in 2 years or less but want to make sure that 2 years is Wisely spent as it is getting very tiresome living off of $10> an hr and want to be done with school already. Any advice will be gratefully helpful. Thank you

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