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Old 02-21-2008, 08:08 PM
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I went to college straight out of high school. I had no idea what I wanted to be. So by the time I was a Sr. my parents were saying, "just get a degree in something". So I took what I had the most hours in and got a degree in Sociology. then when I graduated I had no idea what one does with a degree in Sociology.
I went to work as a Physician's Assistant/Lab Tech/Receptionist/payroll clerk--in a 4 Doctor Pediatric Clinic. I loved it, espeically working with the Doctors and patients. I had so many questions and I would ask one of the Docs questions all the time--one day he called me in his office and he said, Angela, why don't you go to nursing school? I thought--"ok--good idea". haha
He worked with me on my hours at the clinic and even got me an internship position on the Peds floor at the hospital. I worked there during school. I already had a BS so it only took me two years to get a BSN.
I have never regretted going to nursing school. I love being a nurse. I do not practice anymore because of a wrestling match I had with a tractor trailer truck--the truck won.
Now I am a nurse advocate and a nurse author. I keep my license up and mentor when I can.
Once a nurse always a nurse.
Nursing is a way of life not just a job. I am still a nurse. Can't help it--It is in my blood now.
My advice to any student--is to THINK like a nurse. A student is a nurse so think like it, act like it, be it!!!!
Good Luck to you all.
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Old 05-14-2008, 05:19 AM
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Default Why nursing?

This is my first post, but one that I feel passionate about, so this is the place to share it I suppose.

I gave birth to my first two children in hospitals. My first one I was only there for 30 minutes before delivery. The second one was 3 hours, but they tried to send me home (an hour away) and I refused. So...when I found myself preggo again, I decided I wanted a home birth with a midwife.

My pregnancy was perfect. I was healthy. The baby was healthy. And the home delivery went perfectly. His 1 minute Apgar was 6, but the 5 minute was 9. I had only labored about 4 hours total.

On day 3 at home he became lethargic. He wouldn't eat. His coloring was bad. So, off to the pediatricians I went. And within 5 minutes of arriving we were in an ambulance to the hospital.

My midwife came, as she was informed of the crisis. He was in heart failure. Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome was the final diagnosis. He only survived 15 more hours. But, I was so impressed with the knowledge and skills of my midwife during that time we awaited death, that I knew that was what I wanted to do. That was in 1985.

Life went on with all the usual challenges of a mother. I had another child 14 months later. And then found myself to be a single parent within 18 months of my last childs birth.

I didn't start pursuing my education actively until 1998. I received my LPN license in 2002. I was burnt out after 4 years of schooling and raising kids and decided to take a break for a year. That lasted 5 years. I tried to get back into a program...but the challenge was huge with so many applicants and so little space.

I finally got back to a program this year....and will receive my ADN degree on June 14th. Although midwifery was what orignally was my inspiration, I have worked a medical floor for 6 years and now am anxious to work in an ER, where I did my preceptorship and cooperative work experience.

I do have aspirations to attain my MSN by the age of 50 and will either focus on NP or CRNA.

I love nursing. It is a gift each day when patients allow me into their space, sharing personal aspects of their life with me so that I can best assist them in attaining better health.

I guess you could call me a Long Hauler....I'm in this for the duration.
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Old 05-20-2008, 05:30 AM
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Welcome, MayLadybug, to Nursing Voices. And thank you for sharing your story with us. Congratulations, too, on your upcoming graduation. When will you sit for the NCLEX? Isn't it astounding what life sometimes presents? The opportunities it brings, although oft disguised as burdens or heartaches, can become our greatest gifts.

Again, welcome. I look forward to seeing you here often.

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Old 05-24-2008, 09:07 PM
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My sister was sick for a really long time. The only thing that was really wrong with her was that due to some sort of reaction to penicillin when she was 14 (and sepsis, I think my mother said, but she wasn't very clear) she went into total renal failure. In the course of her life she had COPD, CHF, Pleurisy, Pericarditis, a heart murmur, syndactyly (don't laugh) Cellulitis, Gout, Lupus (yes, but was cured....? lol) Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease, Type 2 diabetes, .... and pretty much everything she would see on Medical Incredible.

This started when I was four years old (she was 10 years older than me) and with each new "disease" or "syndrome" I'd go an look it up, first in encyclopedias, then in medical texts I'd buy at yard sales or flea markets, then on the internet. And I became FASCINATED by medicine, by disease, by the entire world of medicine.

It was only a logical progression for me to go to school to become a nurse, and my aspirations were to become and ER nurse. Then I took Microbiology as a pre-requisite and fell IN LOVE with microbes, so I'd like to get my ADN and specialize in Emergency Medicine, then my bachelor's in Public Health and do outreach through the ER for the uninsured and underinsured-- you know, teach them about immunizations, about first aid, about proper hygeine, about all that stuff. And, of course, do some cool stuff with microbes

So it's taken me a long time, but I'm finally back in school at the age of 28 and I got accepted to an ADN program after 3 years of pre-requisites and an AA degree in Gen Ed. I'm so excited!
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Old 05-31-2008, 03:12 AM
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There were lots of factors leading to the decision for me to take the steps to become a nurse. The biggest was when my oldest turned 18 and moved out of the house. I was devastated. I knew it would eventually happen, but I felt lost. I needed something to do that would make me feel worthwhile even after my kids were grown. I have always been interested in medical stuff. My favorite channel is dicovery health. 3 of my 5 children were in NICU's for being preemie. My oldest daughter was born with TofF, and had open heart surgery. My cousin who had a master's in social work had recently gone back to get his BSN. All of these things steered me towards nursing.

I just got my acceptance to start NS in august to get my ASN. I'm so excited, happy, and terrified all at the same time.
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Old 12-28-2012, 03:41 AM
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I decided to be a nurse because I always want to be in the medical profession! After having my second life and surviving a serious accident when I was 13, I already planted in my mind that I will either be a doctor or a nurse someday because I wanted to repay those who saved my life! An opportunity knocked for me to enrol into a nursing school. I took that chance right away, and now I am working on my way to be a nurse...who helps other allied medical professions to save lives! I think those who chose nursing for a reason and not just for economic purposes will stay longer in this profession as their practice are grounded from the right reasons! For others who wrote such inspiring journey towards nursing career, good luck to you all!
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