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Talking Being recognized for being innovative!

Hello everyone,

I am currently working for the Little Devices Lab at MIT, in Cambridge Massachusetts, with the “MakerNurse” initiative team.

Sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson foundation, MakerNurse was inspired by our research in medical technology design in Central America, where nurses are sometimes drawn to improvisation out of necessity in their practice.

Further researches made us realize that there are creative, resourceful nurses across the country too, who go unsupported and unrecognized for their work solving diverse problems pertaining to patient care. We want to support them and know what helps you move!

The goals of the project are to give to “nurse innovators” a voice by building a community in which nurses can share their ideas and be recognized for their skills and to design custom toolkits (MEDIKits) and prototyping spaces to support nurse making.

Your participation in this survey would really help us forward your ideas. We want to work together to design tools and protocols to support you.

By filling this survey, and sharing your experiences and ideas with us, you will enable us to generate policies, strategies and tools that will benefit the community as a whole, and help us to foster creativity among nurses.

We will be collecting surveys until the end of June and publish strategies, best practices tips, tools and things the nurse community could use and benefit from.
All answers will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified.

Here’s the link to the survey.

Thank you for your time!

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